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Sujata Anantharaman - our expert

Over the centuries, FOOD has left a long trail. From scarcity and hunger, today it is the root cause of obesity, eating disorders, high sugar levels and clogged...


Shelley Lou Marie Callagon - our expert

A Clinical Nutritionist-Dietitian working in a reputable and well-established hospital. Specialty on Diet Planning, especially on therapeutic diets. ..............


Katherine Vogel - our expert

Hello, my name is Katherine L. Vogel, MS, RD, LD/N, RYT. I am an accomplished dietitian with proven ability to lead, promote and inspire clients to achieve the...


Karolina Szumilas - our expert

Hello, I'm part of the's team. This account was created to show you how Yours will look like. Marketing Specialist at World curio...


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The world of nutrition and holistic lifestyle can be very confusing and overwhelming. When people go it alone, or try to source correct information from the internet, the result can be frustration and dismay. An individual with expertise and solid knowledge in the health and nutrition field can explain various pathways and concepts to health in an easy to understand way as well as sort through all of the overwhelming information.

Emma, RD

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